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Continuous support

We regularly monitor the security of your site and inform you in advance about potential vulnerabilities.

Advanced support

Our experienced team of senior developers is at your disposal to provide advanced support in challenging situations. This service is completely free once a month in accordance with the terms of use.

Fast and Reliable

If our antivirus systems detect any threat, they will automatically and safely remove it, providing you with an extra level of protection without the need for manual intervention.


We automatically monitor everything to ensure that it is always up to date and protected from known vulnerabilities.

Guaranteed Uptime

All our servers have hardware and software backups, reducing the possibility of server downtime to a negligible 0.01%.

Secure Servers

Our firewall systems provide protection from hackers and various types of attacks, keeping your online safety intact.

Daily Checks

Daily monitoring helps in early detection of malware before search engines have the chance to find it and blacklist your site.

High Performance

Regardless of the challenges, our hosting packages provide not only speed but also exceptional stability so you can focus on what's important - the success of your site.

Migrate Your Website

Migrate your web host for free

We’ll take care of the process of moving your website from your old web hosting company to our platform so you can focus on what matters. Also, we don’t charge any website migration fees.

Take Advantage of the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Web Hosting

Are you considering web hosting but worried about long-term commitments? True-False Hosting understands those concerns and offers a solution - our solid 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our hosting services, we guarantee a quick and easy refund of your money, no questions asked.

For any additional information or if you need help choosing the right hosting plan for your needs, we are here for you. Contact us now so we can ensure your online space thrives together. True-False Hosting is your truly reliable partner on the path to online success.